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We all have it. That feeling of wanting to hold on to dear youth. To be worry-free, carefree, vivaciously energetic, and of course, young-looking. After all, who would say no to no sagging nor wrinkle and just glowing skin?


Before the fear of aging overwhelms you, take a deep breath, calm your mind, eliminate your worries, and know that, albeit inevitable, aging can be embraced gracefully. 

The key may just be in your home right nowvitamin C. It’s commonly known to boost the immune system. But, vitamin C is more than that. Did you know that it is also a powerful anti-aging ingredient?


Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid and ascorbate, helps the skin to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. It evens out skin tone and boosts collagen and elastin, making the skin firm and preventing it from sagging.


Need more convincing? We break down why you should have this in-demand ingredient in your beauty routine.

Vitamin C as an Antioxidant

Antioxidants counteract the deterioration of stored food products. Their job is to prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals which cause diseases such as cancer, heart attack, and skin damage.


Vitamin C, along with vitamin E, is a known antioxidant that removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism. As well, it has even shown to help regeneration of other antioxidants within the body.

Vitamin C is Your Skin’s Best Friend

Since vitamin C fights oxidative stresses that result in dull, tired-looking skin, this substance is precisely what you need to bring back your refreshed skin. Topical vitamin C products can directly get through the skin cells and boost collagen and elastin.


With this, your skin is firm while keeping fine lines and wrinkles from appearing. But wait! Don’t expect it to reverse the appearance of wrinkles. What it can do, however, is reduce premature aging by protecting the skin from damages, such as untimely wrinkles caused by too much sun exposure.


To add, limited intake or use of vitamin C may cause susceptibility to infections, dryness of the mouth and eyes, and dry itchy skin.

Adding Vitamin C to Your Beauty Routine

Now that you know the exciting promises of vitamin C, we’re sure you cannot wait to add it to your next round of beauty pampering. Here are ways you could incorporate it:

Brighten Your Skin with Serum

Reduce your skin’s wrinkles, prevent dryness, and maintain its elasticity with the help of serums. Vitamin C serums are created to penetrate the skin faster so you can see the difference quicker. 


Choose something powerful like the Dermal Transfer Serum Vitamin C 15% from Mayerling. It has the powerful ingredients of vitamin C, Lipochoman-6, botanical emollients, and marine extracts, which give an instantly bright glow while reducing wrinkles and hydrating the skin.

Protect Yourself with Sunscreen

Before going out, be sure that your skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun by applying sunscreen. It is recommended to apply it 15 to 30 minutes before having exposure to sunlight, and ideally, go for one that has SPF30.


Aside from sunscreen, taking vitamin C orally can enhance the effectiveness of sunscreens by decreasing cell damage and helping the healing process of bodily wounds. 

Get Soft and Supple Skin with Moisturizer 

Moisturizers with vitamin C effectively hydrates your skin with multi-antioxidant vitamins. Whether you have sensitive skin, dry or oily skin, an intense moisturizer like Adec vitamin Facial Moisturizer, which has vitamins A, C, E & D, will protect your skin against radicals. Use it as its own or add it to your creams for more hydration.

Age Gracefully

Aging is not as dreadful as you might think. With age comes wisdom and that wisdom should include an impressive skincare routine. Also, it’s important to have a more positive outlook about aging. If you choose to look younger, commit to it, be confident with your choices, as youthfulness will come from within. 

Everyday stress, genetics, and environmental factors contribute to aging, but it’s reassuring to know that you can combat it with something as incredible as vitamin C. So take in more of those citrus fruits and take your skincare game to the next level. Own it and get ready to embrace that youthful glow!