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Smooth and Healthy The Benefits of Daily Hand Cream Usage article image by Mayerling Skincare

It never fails. Skim any skincare page these days and you’ll find one common recommendation: how to keep the skin supple and smooth. It’s no surprise though. Everyone needs to be constantly reminded of the need to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Moisturising reduces skin problems and prevents excessive dryness or oiliness.

As we age, our skin loses its natural glow and moisture, and it can only retain less water, making it more prone to dryness, cracking, itching, sagging, visible lines, and wrinkles. Thus, it’s highly important to use lotions, creams, and other products that will trap the moisture in the skin. Lather a generous amount daily all over your skin and give an extra layer of love to your hands as you do to your face. Here’s why. 

Why Moisturize Your Hands?

Most of us are guilty of this. We tend to stress over having perfectly healthy and vibrant skin, the face, the arms, the legs, but we often overlook the hands. It is ironic because it’s our hands that spend plenty of time being exposed through everyday use. Not to mention, it’s a part of the body that easily shows signs of damage.

Just like how we use moisturizer for our face and lotion for our arms, hand cream is excellent in nourishing and keeping our hands soft and smooth. The skin on the hands is just as important as the rest of our body. While it seems like an unnecessary extra step, there are more than a few benefits to picking up a jar of hand cream for daily use. Primarily, it helps maintain the correct balance of moisture in your skin.

On a daily basis, the hands are busy with typing, cooking, working, and so many other taks and chores. Plus, these days, we spend a significant time washing our hands and applying liberal amounts of hand sanitiser. This is a great hygiene practice but this may also lead you to end up with noticeable dry skin.

Exposure to the sun and other elements can strip the natural moisture and lipids in the skin. Hand cream restores that moisture so make sure to keep one handy all the time.

Get Added Sun Protection

A lot of the hand creams and hand lotions don’t just restore moisture in the skin—it also defends the hands against sun damage. Ultraviolet rays and the heat of the sun can damage the skin—and hands are regularly exposed out to the sunlight.

Sun damage causes wrinkles and premature ageing. Pick a hand cream that has a specialised formulation of sunscreen and use it each time you go out for a run or when you know you will be spending most of the day outdoors.

Enjoy Anti-Ageing Qualities

Genetics, sun damage, pollution, and daily stress are just a few that can cause skin damage. This would lead to losing skin elasticity and smoothness, ultimately causing wrinkles, deep lines, and dryness, which no one wants on their hands.

Opt for a hand cream that has targeted formulation to reduce the signs of ageing, like Mayerling’s De-Ageing hand cream. It has both sun-protection qualities as well as an anti-ageing formulation to fight rough, pigmented, dry, or scaly hands.

Experience Stress Relief

Hours of tapping the keyboard, doing paper works, or doing chores can lead to a tired, beat-up pair of hands. For a lot of people, applying hand cream can be soothing and a form of stress relief.

After a long day of work or being exposed to certain harmful elements, self-care can come in the form of massaging some calming cream onto the hands and rubbing away the stress and aches. 

Keep Your Nails Healthy

That’s right! Hand cream can also help keep your nails healthy. Using hand cream every day keeps the skin healthy, which means nicer, softer cuticles. Using hand cream also keeps the keratin on the nails strong, leading to longer and healthier nails.

Final Tip

The perfect hand cream should have an excellent balance of nourishing properties in its formulation. Look for a cream with infusions of glycolic acid, Vitamins A or E, and natural extracts that keep hands healthy and moisturized throughout the day. Handpick your hand cream and give those helpful hands the love they deserve!