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What’s The Difference Between a Foaming Cleanser and a Cream Cleanser article image b y Mayerling Skincare

With consumers progressing to self-care and becoming more educated with beauty and wellness, skincare has now become an important element in daily routines and in beauty regimens around the globe. However, the rising popularity and consumer consciousness also mean that options are now too vast that they can be very confusing to both young and old consumers. Let’s talk about anti-ageing cleansers, for instance!


The best anti-ageing cleansers come in different formulations designed for particular skin types. You’ve probably heard about cream and foaming cleansers. While both products aim to effectively eliminate dirt and other free radicals, there are certain differences that you may want to know. And here’s where we break them down to help you better decide and know exactly what you need.

What is a Foaming Cleanser?

As the name suggests, a foaming cleanser is basically a skin cleanser that foams up. To ensure the best lather, use lots of water. It works by removing the excess and unnecessary oil from the skin’s surface, preventing the formation of acne in the process. 

Foaming Facial Cleanser- Mayerling Skincare

Foaming cleansers effectively removes makeup and clears up dirt from your pores. For instance, Mayerling’s Foaming Cleanser dissolves skin impurities and prevents clogged pores for a radiant look and feel. 


Tip: Foaming cleanser is ideal for people with oily skin, and also for those with acne-prone or teenage skin. However, it’s not recommended for those with dry and/or sensitive skin. So if you do have that, it’s best to opt for a different kind of cleanser.

Use foaming cleansers twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

What is a Cream Cleanser?

While foaming cleansers are formulated to lather up, cream cleansers exclude those soapy suds during skin cleansing. Cream cleansers usually contain emulsifiers and natural oils to effectively lock moisture in, while eliminating impurities and preventing skin inflammation in the process.

With this skincare product, you may opt to do away water since you can directly apply the cream to your skin, and wipe it off after. Cream cleansers are ideal for sensitive, ageing, and dry skin. Look for an anti-ageing cream cleanser that’s light and gentle on the skin yet satisfactorily removes makeup and dirt without that awful tight feeling, like the Mayerling Facial Cream Cleaner.

Facial Cream Cleanser - Mayerling Skincare

If you have sensitive skin and or if you have with rosacea, cream cleansers are your best bet. They’re also a good option for really dry skin and mature skin. But for teenage skin and oily skin types, it’s not really a good choice.

For best results, use your cream cleanser once in the morning to start your day and at night time before going to bed. 

Which One Should I Choose?

Without a doubt, cleansing is a basic skincare step that should never be missed. Before putting anything else on your face, you should always prep up by cleaning it first and foremost.

Skin cleansing is important and should not be limited to just water and soap alone. Before you set your eyes on a particular product, however, you need to know your skin type first. Keep in mind that the wrong product could do more harm than good.

If you have oily skin, foaming cleansers can effectively remove the excess production of sebum for that clean and bright look. For those who suffer from dry and ageing skin, cream cleansers contain emulsifiers to lock in moisture when you want that extra glow from day to night.

Cream cleansers should be ideally used both in the morning and in the evening. Finish your beauty routine with a toner and moisturizer for that complete skincare radiance. Additionally, it’s always smart to take the safe side and choose a cleanser that has anti-ageing components.

Final Thoughts 

With pollution and the emergence of free radicals, people have gradually realized the importance of cleansers and other skincare products, especially the anti-ageing ones. Washing with ordinary soap and water is not enough to get rid of all dirt and impurities from the skin. Take your intense cleansing game to the next level and add the best-suited cleansers to your beauty plan. Depending on your skin type, you can choose between a foam cleanser or its cream counterpart. Either way, choose wisely and embrace your newfound beauty!