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Ageing is inevitable. It’s something that, whether we like it or not, every one of us will have to go through naturally. However, this doesn’t mean that all we’re left to do is to sit back and let ageing unfold. Age is just a number and how we feel inside and look outside determine how youthful—or how old—we want to exemplify. 

Skin is one of the first things that noticeably changes as we age. The good news? There are lots of ways to keep the signs of skin ageing at bay. When it comes to having younger-looking skin, you’ll need to have a solid and effective skincare regimen. 

The best anti-ageing skincare products, along with proper care for your health and wellness, will definitely make a huge difference in your overall complexion. Here are practices you should be committed to doing in order to maintain that youthful glow. 


  • Use a Gentle Face Cleanser.


When using a facial wash, look for a formula that’s particularly gentle on the skin, like the Mayerling Foaming Cleanser. No matter what your skin type is, it’s important that you use a mild formula to enhance hydration and fight anti-ageing signs and damages from free radicals. The best way to wash your face is through gentle and circular light hand motions. 

Foaming Facial Cleanser- Mayerling Skincare


  • Exercise Regularly.


Getting fit is not just about those Instagram-worthy captures. It’s about being healthy inside and letting that manifest on the outside. Regular exercise provides optimum results in your overall health, and that includes your skin. 

When you’re moving, you’re getting your heart rate up and improving your blood circulation. This can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin which may keep the skin healthy, promote collagen production, and promote new skin cells, making the skin looking glowing and young-looking. Over time, you’ll look decades younger without you even noticing it.


  •  Get Enough Sleep.


We couldn’t stress this enough. Sleep is your friend. No matter how busy you may get, make sure that you still get your well-deserved beauty rest. When you sleep, your skin repairs itself and allows the growth of new cells. Since the growth hormone only functions at night, it’s important that you get a shut-eye of at least 7-8 hours. 


  • Moisturise with a Rich Face Cream.


As you age, the oil glands become less active. Hence, the need for a moisturiser that can properly hydrate your skin. If you’ve been using normal face creams, it’s time to make the great switch to a richer formula that includes the best anti-ageing properties to make sure the fine lines, wrinkles, and spots will be minimised. 

Make sure you are moisturising regularly throughout the day with the Mayerling Forte Day and Night Face Cream, which lifts and tightens the skin. With powerful ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acid, and bearberry and marine extracts, the Day Cream Forte exfoliates and refines skin texture, reduces pigmentation, smoothes scars and lines, while it brightens the skin. The Night Cream Forte also uses a potent combination of bearberry extract, marine extract, retinyl palmitate, and glycolic acid to reduce pigmentation and wrinkles. 

Forte Day and Night Cream - Mayerling Skincare


  • Take Supplements.


Studies show that taking flaxseed oil or fish oil supplements may actually do wonders on your skin as the Omega-3s found in particular seafood products help the skin stay moisturised while delaying the aging process. It keeps the skin supple and soft by replenishing the skin’s lipids. 


  • Exfoliate Regularly.


Since the skin literally creates new layers regularly, you may notice some dull and rough-looking patches from time to time. The best way to deal with this is through proper exfoliation with an excellent exfoliating product. Proper exfoliating will remove the dry skin buildup and promote brighter skin in the long run. 


  • Use sunscreen with high SPF


Not all sun protection creams are created equal. When it comes to skincare, always use sun creams that have an SPF factor of at least 30. Look for a moisturising sunscreen that contains antioxidants to protect your skin from possible discoloration and age spots. As much as possible, avoid sprays and gels.

Final Thoughts

Having an effective skincare regimen is essential if you want to maintain your skin’s smooth complexion. With the harsher external factors today, adjusting to a healthier lifestyle and finding the right skincare products are your best shot to get rid of damaging free radicals.