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Exfoliating for Summer Bring Out that Healthy Glow article image by Mayerling Skincare

Sun’s up, sunnies out! It’s going to be officially summer! The days of donning sundresses and getting tanned are just around the corner. But don’t pull out that string bikini just yet. A new season calls for skin renewal. It’s time to scrub away your dull winter skin and embrace your fresh summer glow. With too much sun exposure and elevated temperature, it’s vital to get your skin ready by exfoliating.

During summer, heavy makeup plus sweat may result in clogged pores or random acne breakouts as your skin becomes more prone to oil. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and extra dirt and grime from the surface of your skin. But here’s the thing, exfoliating should be done with more care during this season when days could become scorching hot. 

To get uninterrupted fun under the sun, here’s everything you need to know about exfoliating for summer.

Choose the Right Exfoliant

The right exfoliant is your best friend in this whole process of exfoliation. Opt for a product that uses powerful yet effective ingredients and does not contain chemicals that can be doubly harmful during summer when the temperature rises. 

The Mayerling Exfoliant Cleansing Scrub has a triple-action cleansing exfoliant that’s effective yet gentle enough for any skin types. It’s sulphate-free and contains a combination of naturally derived oil cleansers, glycolic acid and fine grain exfoliators to thoroughly cleanse and decongest the skin, in the process removing dead skin cells and minimising pores. It leaves you with soft, smooth and supple skin.

Do Not Over Exfoliate

Exfoliation can increase sun sensitivity by up to 45%. Since the process involves removing dead skin cells or the protective layers of the skin, the skin becomes more vulnerable to sun damage. So, make sure that you keep exfoliation minimal. In other seasons, you may exfoliate two to three times per week, but during summer, you may want to step it down to no more than twice. 

If you’re planning on being in the sun for extended periods, better to keep exfoliation even less. Just as important is to schedule it two to three days before spending long hours in the sun to give your skin time to heal. Don’t make the mistake of exfoliating the day before going sunbathing. Correctly timing your exfoliation will help avoid over-exfoliating and aggravating your skin. 

Lastly, exfoliate in the evening and use products with acidic ingredients sparingly. Nighttime beauty rituals give your skin time to replenish whilst you catch a snooze. 

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

A definite summer staple, sunscreen’s ultimate purpose is to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. So, to prevent sunburn and fight premature ageing such as wrinkles and dark spots during the hottest days of the year, always keep sunscreen handy wherever you go. 

Apply sunscreen to your face and body twenty minutes before you step out as it takes this amount of time to activate. Pair your sunscreen with the best anti-ageing products for that ultimate protection and rejuvenated complexion. 

Always Moisturise

It’s a no-brainer: heat and humid weather can leave your skin dry so it’s always smart to moisturise. This is even more necessary when you are exfoliating. After exfoliation, always follow up with a hydrating moisturiser to soothe and restore your skin. Because exfoliators have active ingredients, your skin will likely become dry and could end up flaking if you don’t rehydrate. 

To avoid that greasy feel, switch your heavier creams for a lightweight formula this summer. Go for a moisturiser that fits your skin type or choose one that is formulated for any types like this Adec Vitamin Facial Moisturiser. Designed for extra moisture and hydration, it is formulated with a full range of antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and D to protect the skin cells against free radicals. It provides steady, time-released moisture to help smooth, nourish and retexturize the skin’s appearance, for a flawless, more radiant finish.

Make the most out of your summer by taking your skincare game to the next level with our skin renewal and anti-ageing products. See them all here