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Among the most common skin issues both women and men face are dark spots, discolouration, and scarring. Some people turn to makeup, which only conceals the flaws without permanently solving the problem. And while there are a lot of anti-ageing products out there that help nourish and clear the skin, it’s best to really address the issue by nipping it in the bud.

To reveal a lighter and even skin tone, the skin must be resurfaced. The old skin must be removed so the new skin can take its place. This can be done by chemical peels. Therefore, chemical peels are not only for fixing troublesome skin problems. They can also give the skin a more rejuvenated and youthful glow.

Chemical peels are known to:

  • Help control melasma
  • Soften acne scars
  • Soften fine lines and reduce wrinkles
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Minimise dark circles

How Does Chemical Peel Work?

A technique for improving and smoothening the skin’s texture, a  chemical peel aims to remove dry skin and impurities on the outermost layer of skin. It is a process wherein a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which then peels the top layer off. By removing the top layer, all the dead skin cells and the dirt are removed.  As a result, the smooth, supple skin underneath is revealed, creating a younger, smoother, and more vibrant complexion.

There are three different types of chemical peel processes based on the skin issue you are dealing with.

  • Light Chemical Peel 

A light chemical peel is often used to address issues like wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dryness, and acne. It uses a milder chemical solution that peels off the top layer of the skin and can typically be done a few times over a certain period of time to get the desired results.

  • Medium Chemical Peel 

A medium peel uses a more moderate chemical solution that can strip away the top layer of the skin and some portion of the middle layer of the skin, or the dermis. It is used to address more serious skin issues such as scarring from acne, as well as uneven skin tone and discolouration. As with a light peel, you can typically have it done a few more times to get the desired results.

  • Deep Chemical Peel 

This process is only recommended for removing deeper scars and wrinkles and often for precancerous growths. As it removes skin cells much deeper than the medium chemical peel, it only requires one procedure to get the result you need.

The downtime before the next treatment will differ depending on the depth of chemical peel you get. Usually, your doctor or spa specialist will give you the schedule for your next procedure.

At-Home Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is often done at a dermatologist’s clinic or maybe a facial spa. However, you can have it done at home with the use of exfoliating products.

Exfoliants are a type of light chemical peel that only removes the top layer of the skin. These products are used to address hyperpigmentation, acne and acne scars, and dark spots. They can also provide cleansing for the face, removing any dead skin cells, dirt, and oil to leave your skin looking fresh. 

The Mayerling Exfoliant Cleansing Scrub is a gentle but highly-effective cleansing exfoliant that works on all skin types. With glycolic acid and fine grain exfoliators, it works to thoroughly cleanse and decongest the skin whilst removing dead skin cells and minimising pores. Use it two to three times a week for best results.

It’s also important to remember that chemical face peel transformation can be done with the use of peeling agents such as glycolic and salicylic acid. Try the Forte Day and Night Face Creams, which contain both glycolic and salicylic acid. This team-up creates a two-phase skin resurfacing action. They work even better alongside powerful ingredients like bearberry extract and marine extracts, which help reduce existing pigmentation.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to taking care of the skin, anti-ageing products and procedures are always worth checking out. Keep your skin healthy from within and don’t be afraid to explore new methods. However, make sure to always consult an expert and to only choose products that are proven safe to use. 

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