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Whether it’s struggling through a busy time at work, dealing with finances, or coping with a challenging relationship, we all get symptoms of stress and we all have to face it. It is, after all, a natural reaction of the body when faced with a difficult or harmful situation. The thing is, stress doesn’t only take an emotional and mental toll on your wellbeing. It also manifests physically through fatigue, body pain, and even on your skin. 

Stress can speed up the process of ageing and could trigger and exacerbate dermatological conditions as it creates a chemical response in your body, making the skin more sensitive and reactive. For instance, breakouts happen more prominently when you’re under stress since it can cause your body to make hormones, like cortisol. Cortisol tells glands in your skin to make more oil and we all know that oily skin is more prone to acne and other skin problems.

Stress is bad enough but having to see it in your skin is worse. We’ve compiled some of the best anti-ageing skin care tips so you can achieve healthy-looking skin even under pressure, 

  • Apply Eye Cream Daily

The pesky dark circles and bags under your eyes are not just signs of ageing. They can also be caused by stress and lack of sleep. To reduce puffiness and brighten the sensitive skin around the eyes, be sure to include an eye cream in your daily beauty regimen. 

Eye creams are formulated specifically to address various concerns on the delicate skin around the eyes. Since the skin around the eyes is very thin, it needs more moisture than the other parts of the face. Compared to ordinary moisturisers, eye creams are milder, lighter, and less greasy. They can properly moisturise and target some of your skin concerns without irritating the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Quick Tip: Effectively diminish fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles by using an eye cream with anti-ageing properties. Look for eye products like  Mayerling’s Eye Cream that have vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid, and other skin-restoring ingredients which can visibly improve the skin surrounding the eyes.

  •  Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Healthy

Cold weather is a common culprit of dry skin. But dry skin can also be caused by a poor sleeping habit as lack of sleep can decrease the skin’s moisture level, which will then result in a dry and flaky complexion. So, make sure you’re getting the right amount of nighttime slumber. Moreover, check on your diet and ensure to nourish the skin with food and vegetables rich in vitamin D, C, E, and K.

Quick Tip: If you are looking for the best moisturiser for mature skin, we recommend using moisturisers with sun protection, like Mayerling’s Tinted Moisturiser, which also contains vitamin E. Opt for products that not only hydrate your skin but also prevent sun-caused skin damage.

  •  Pamper Your Skin Before Going to Bed

After being exposed to dirt, grime, and various pollutants during the day, the skin can only rest and rejuvenate at night. That is why having a skincare routine at night is very important. To help your skin recover from damage, put an effort to cleanse, hydrate, and nourish it before you go to sleep.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find skincare products with active ingredients that help address various skin concerns. Thus, when it comes to choosing a product, take into account the issues you want to address. This way, you would be able to make the most out of your skincare regimen.

Quick Tip: Take your home pampering to the next level with soothing stress relieving masks, like Mayerling’s Anti Stress Mask. Facial masks deeply nourish the skin, enabling you to wake up with a lovely, dewy glow.

Stay Fresh in Times of Stress

No matter how tight your schedule is or how taxing the day might be, taking care of your skin should be of paramount importance. Otherwise, you might find yourself with aggravated skin issues and you might inadvertently be causing your skin to age faster. Choose to bring back your vibrant glow by incorporating these simple beauty tips into your routine!

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