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We all experience various skin conditions, as frustrating as it is. No matter what kind of skin issues we may encounter, we always long for that flawless, smooth, and pristine face. As we age, our skin can start to show signs of wear and tear, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dullness. But the good news is that skin renewal is possible with the right approach. This is why choosing the best anti-aging products should be an essential part of your beauty regime.

To retain a youthful appearance and feel confident in yourself, it’s critical to take proper care of your skin. In this blog post, we will cover the basics of skin care to more sophisticated methods. We hope that this knowledge will assist you in developing a skin care regimen that is most effective for you. So freshen up sis, we got you!

10 Tips For A More Renewed Skin

It is never too late to take good care of your skin. Some might expect that to have that youthful, glowing skin, you have to go through a long list of products. Or for some, an expensive and extensive routine. No, it does not have to be that way. Skin renewal products are not something to be afraid of, instead, you must embrace the beauty of having them in your life. Try these easy steps to have that youthful appearance you deserve.

  • Daily Cleansing

To maintain spotless and smooth skin, you must free your face from dirt and impurities. It always begins with this one basic step, cleansing. Ideally, you should wash your face twice daily. We know you have heard of this method already. However, there is so much more to facial cleansing than you thought you already knew. You must choose a gentle cleanser for daily use and massage your skin to increase blood circulation. Make sure not to use products that contain harmful chemicals, they can damage your skin instead of doing good to them. Mayerling formulated a gentle product, our Exfoliant Cleansing Scrub from our Summer Repair Kit, and is a must-have this summer season. A combination of naturally derived oil cleansers, glycolic acid, and fine-grain exfoliators to thoroughly cleanse and decongest the skin. And helps in removing dead skin cells and minimising pores. Natural olive oil leaves the skin with a soft, smooth, and supple finish. Start the repair process now by choosing products that are gently formulated to protect you from skin impurities.

  • A Refreshing Toning Method

This is the second step to revitalising your skin. Cleansing helps clean your pore areas but toning soothes your skin and ensures that the pH level remains in stable condition. This method should never be ignored because it has the power to help stimulate your skin’s regenerative ability. So make sure to never skip this in your skincare routine. Use alcohol-free toners, simply apply the toner to the cotton pad and gently sweep it all over your face and neck. Do this both morning and night for better results. 

  • Moisturise 

This third method is the way to achieve that soft, no-makeup-saturated glow. Moisturising your skin keeps it hydrated and hydration gives the moisture it needs to improve the skin’s softness. After applying your toner, it is time to get that moisturiser. This step is good for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin. Mayering’s ADEC Vitamin Facial Moisturiser provides steady, time-released moisture to help smooth, nourish, and retexturize the skin’s appearance, for a more radiant finish. Contains a full range of antioxidant vitamins A, C, E & D to protect the skin cells against free radicals. This is the best moisturiser for mature skin that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote natural self-renewal.

  • Face and Neck Cream

Want to glow the extra mile? Add this best skin cream for mature skin from our Summer Repair Kit. This De Ageing Forte Face and Neck Cream is a must-have. This unique, synergistic combination of prime ingredients will help face and neck skin renew its vibrancy. It helps the skin appear more youthful, and exhibit a more even complexion and skin tone. For maximum effectiveness, use daily.

  • Masking

Want to add extra hydration to your skin? Get the mask on! Keeping a regular skincare routine gives you optimal results. But pampering yourself a little more won’t hurt. This Anti-Stress Mask is a game-changer and is a gentle, moisturising, stress-relieving mask that draws out deeply embedded toxins. It relaxes and soothes the dermis and underlying muscles improving the microcirculation and making the skin soft, supple, and refined. Apply this to your clean, dry face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash it out with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel to remove any residue. 

  • Do Not Forget Our De-Aging Body Treatment

 The skin of your body reflects the damaging effects of climate, how well you treat it, and age. Mayerling DeAgeing Body Treatment from our Summer Repair Kit has the essential ingredients to help reverse the effects of skin ageing. Glycolic Acid smooths and plumps the skin whilst the Retinyl Palmitate and Bearberry Extract work together to reduce pigmentation and rejuvenate the skin. Mayerling DeAgeing Body treatment is easily absorbed and intensely moisturising. It is ideal for dry scaly patches that build up on the legs, arms, and chest. Here’s to giving yourself all the love it so deserves!

  • Maintain A Healthy Diet

While keeping a skincare routine is great, eating healthily and drinking plenty of water help in the process. All of your beauty products won’t work without this. Avoid refined carbohydrates, sweets, and packaged products. Do not forget to eat a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that can help nourish and revitalise your skin.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Using external products surely works but nothing beats giving your body enough amount of sleep. Adequate sleep helps repair and regenerate skin cells. This is extremely important to keeping your skin fresh and glowing. Make sure you sleep for 8-9 hours daily. And also, avoid smoking as it contributes to making your skin look older and the appearance of wrinkles. Smoking damages collagen and skin elasticity. If you smoke, the best way to protect your skin is to quit. Ask your doctor for tips or treatments to help you stop smoking.

  • Use Sunscreen

The sun can inflict much damage on our skin. Too much sun exposure can cause wrinkles, dark spots, and even more pressing health issues. It is essential when stepping outside to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and try to stay out of direct sunlight during peak hours. You can opt for a sunscreen with a moisturising effect like our Tinted Moisturiser SPF30+, it has an Organic UVB sun filter that helps to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and premature skin ageing. No need to worry about stepping outside sis!

  • Manage Your Stress, So It Doesn’t Manage You

Uncontrolled stress can have negative effects on skin health. It can trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems, so it’s important to find ways to manage stress and maintain a balanced lifestyle. To encourage healthy skin, set reasonable limits, organise your to-do list, and make time to do things that make you happy. A healthy state of mind reflects on your skin!

Elevate Your Skincare Routine

Your biggest investment is yourself so never settle for anything less than your skin deserves. Check out Mayerling products to guide you through that youthful, glowing skin. To learn more, contact our direct line on 02 9909 0935 today.