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Dr Lawrence Ho

Multi award-winner and Sydney-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Lawrence Ho, founded Mayerling in 1999, when his results-based research led him to develop a brand that achieves clinical results with minimal effort and without any downtime.

His findings were based on first-hand research, where he followed the treatment of clients who were undergoing peels and laser skin rejuvenation. The end results proved that resurfaced skin is the key to younger looking skin.

“Mayerling believes in skincare that works, without the fuss or irritation often associated with other systems. We offer safe, highly active ingredients giving visible results and benefits”

Mayerling means Renewal

Mayerling is an Australian multi award winning cosmeceutical company, leaders in exfoliation, resurfacing and skin renewal. We have been formulating our own clinical peels and supplying the professional beauty industry for over 20 years. We have professional salons Australia-wide offering clinical peels that are proven to substantially increase the effectiveness of our home treatments.

Our home treatment products work on the premise that for the skin’s texture to be improved, it must be resurfaced. The old cells need to be removed, allowing the new, young, healthy skin cells to regenerate from deep within the skin.

To achieve fast effective results Mayerling uses a highly concentrated and balanced combination of potent cosmeceutical and natural ingredients, which are supported with scientific evidence and efficacy studies.

Anti Aging Skin Care and Skin Renewal image by Mayerling Skin Renewal System

We believe in a skincare routine that is convenient, easy to use and understand. This is why we offer fewer anti ageing skincare products, that do more.

Mayerling is effective in reducing lines and wrinkles, fading pigmentation from ageing, sun damage, pregnancy and the contraceptive pill. The products are very effective for improving the appearance of scarring, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone.

Best Anti Ageing Skincare Australia - Mayerling Skincare


The Mayerling Secret

We combine active ingredients with the latest in delivery system technology, for speedy, accurate and high local concentration, allowing effective skin resurfacing without irritation.

Using a combination of highly active ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Bearberry Extract, Retinyl Palmitate and antioxidant vitamins, Mayerling formulations have been scientifically proven to resurface the appearance and texture of the skin, leading to a smoother, brighter, more even and younger-looking complexion.

In addition, dull, lifeless skin is given a refreshing boost, with the high concentration of vitamins C and E, both incredibly effective for skin brightening.

The active ingredients of Skin Renewal System™, work together in a “stackable” regime of cleansers, day, night and eye creams together with serums. These work well together producing a smoother, clearer, lighter, more vibrant, even skin tone.

Anti Aging Skin Care Solutions image by Mayerling Skin Renewal System