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How long before I can hope to see results?

With regular daily use, you should start to see some changes within a few weeks. Every skin is different however, so results are dependent on the skin type and will vary between individuals.

I have sensitive skin, are the products suitable?

Yes, Mayerling® has been specifically designed for all skin types including people with sensitive skin.

Can I use the products if I have pimples?

Yes, people with pimples or acne scarring may certainly benefit from these treatments. If you have severe active acne you should consult a dermatologist.

Why must I use sun protection?

The sun is responsible for premature ageing. The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is responsible for suntans, sunburns, premature ageing (wrinkles and pigmentation) and some types of skin cancers. Some Mayerling products may sensitise your skin slightly, so we recommend always using sun protection.

Is it safe to use the products during pregnancy?

Mayerling® products are safe to use in pregnancy and do not have any systemic side effects. The products do not contain Retin A and are therefore safe for pregnant women. Retinyl Palmitate is a form of Vitamin A, working as effectively as Retin A, but does not have any untoward side effects on pregnancy.