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4 Reasons you Need Vitamin C in your Skincare

There’s a lot of sense in eating an orange a day, or a handful of blueberries, a head of broccoli or salad of red capsicum. Our body and skin functions best with the help of Vitamin C. In fact, being deprived of the vital vitamin results in a multitude of health disorders including scurvy, bruising and tooth decay. Vitamin C even helps to reduce stress levels.

Just as our immune system relies heavily on Vitamin C to fight illness and infection, it is needed to keep our skin, hair, teeth and nails in top condition.

The skin stores vitamin C in the skin, it helps rejuvenate and protect our complexion whether we get it from food or apply it topically. Simply put, vitamin C should be part of our skincare regimen—as important as cleansing or applying sunscreen.

So, what are the benefits of this vitamin superhero?

Sun protect your skin with Vitamin C


Collagen is a vital element to keeping the skin strong and firm and vitamin C triggers this essential collagen production, as well as slowing its breakdown.

Research has shown the effects of using vitamin C on the face, to significantly improve the skin’s tone, its luminosity and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.


We know that when the skin is exposed to UV light, damaging molecules called free radicals attack the skin cells and collagen. This can trigger inflammation and lead to wrinkles, sun spots, hyper-pigmentation and even skin cancer.

Potent antioxidant, vitamin C fights back by neutralising free radicals and reduces inflammation before it causes the damage. While using sunscreen is still the best way to prevent burns and the ageing effects of UV light, applying a Vitamin C serum underneath delivers extra insurance by counteracting the small percentage of UV rays that can sneak through sunblock.