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If you feel overwhelmed every time you browse the beauty counters, you’re not the only one.

With so many products out there and information to absorb, it’s hard to know where to start. There are creams promising to freeze time, serums with a list of obscure ingredients to reverse aging and every imaginable cleanser, hydrator, spritzer or toner to sort through.

You may be wondering what will suit your particular skin type, how it will benefit you, and what makes one product more effective than the next. Then there’s the question of how many products do you really need in an effective skincare routine and what results really can you expect?

When you understand how the skin works and what makes it look healthy, skincare becomes much easier to decipher.

The skin is a living organ made up of millions of cells. It is also our largest organ. Every day, thousands of skin cells die, fall off, and are replaced by young, new, healthy cells from below. This cycle normally recurs every 28 days, like other natural cycles in the human body.


Dr Lawrence Ho, founder of Mayerling Skincare studied the skin for many years, both in his scientific research and from the practical experience used daily with his clients. His findings revealed that in order to look younger, the skin cells need to be renewed.  Skin regeneration is the most effective means to a clearer, more radiant and younger-looking complexion, whatever the skin type or age you might be. This is the foundation of Mayerling skincare.

The sad truth though is, as we get older, just as our arteries thicken and our eyesight gets weaker, our skin cell regeneration slows down.  Collagen production also reduces, meaning the skin appears less plump and the elasticity of youth is lost.

To avoid a dull and lifeless looking skin, encouraging the cells to renew themselves is key. There are the added benefits such as the development of age spots and pigmentation are minimised, as well as skin pore size is reduced and collagen stimulated.

Essential to keeping the skin healthy, is a good cleansing and exfoliation discipline, as no treatment creams can work efficiently without a thoroughly cleansed base. Clogged pores and poor skin hygiene can result in problems such as pimples and more severe acne.

Using an exfoliator regularly will help to remove dead skin cells, while using  a treatment with known ingredients to accelerate cell renewal will increase the effectiveness of skin resurfacing.

Dermal Transfer Serum for example, contains a high percentage of active Vitamin C – one of the best-known ingredients for cell renewal. It works in a unique formula together with an antioxidant that actually boosts the Vitamin C effect even further.  Think of it in a similar way to ‘melting’ away the dead surface cells.

The more efficiently our skin is resurfaced, the healthier and more vibrant it will be, the texture becomes smoother, fresher and younger in appearance.