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Anti Stress Mask 250gm

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Product Description

Mayerling Anti Stress Mask is a gentle, moisturising, stress relieving mask which draws out deeply embedded toxins. 

It relaxes and soothes the dermis and underlying muscles improving the microcirculation making the skin soft, supple and refined. 

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Provides excellent absorbent qualities, drawing out impurities and toxins.  It cleans the skin of excess oil, dirt and pollutants whilst soothing and purifying.

Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin F

Treats the epidermis with intense hydrating activity.

Collagen and Creatine

Moisturises, softens and smoothes the skin revitalising skin cell energy and protecting from premature ageing caused by stress and environmental factors.

Plant extracts of Arnica, Gentian, Hay flower and Lavender Oil

Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity which soothes and provides stress relief to the skin.

3 reviews for Anti Stress Mask 250gm

  1. Annette Marie – May 2020

    I have used Mayerling products for many years and this new Anti Stress Mask is a beautiful addition to the range. It applies as a luxurious refreshing cream and dries to a firm tightening sensation then a relaxed feeling on the skin.
    After washing off with lukewarm water my face feels and looks plumped and refreshed. I follow up with the Forte Night Cream and wake up with beautifully hydrated skin. I cannot recommend highly enough

  2. Maria Andrew – May 2020

    I have been using Mayerling products for years and just recently I got to try the Anti Stress Mask, and after using if for the past month I can really recommend this product. This face mask is the perfect skin care treatment, it has helped hydrate my skin and has helped unclog the pores on my face. My skin now feels so much softer and fresher looking after using it. I highly recommend this product, great for your face and skin.

  3. Anne O’Connor – April 2020

    This mask was actually really lovely and smooth to put on. Its creamy texture made it easy to apply and had a very cooling effect on my skin. It felt very light and I could actually see and feel it being absorbed. I left it to dry for about 15 minutes. It didn’t crack in the way clay masks usually do so there was none of that horrible itchy feeling. It came off easily and oh my God, I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards. My skin felt really clean, completely purified is probably the best way to describe it and it also had a lovely dewy glow. It also felt tighter and not in that dry tight way but in a more natural, supple way. As far as I’m concerned this mask is an absolute winner.

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